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Explore the World with The Moorings

Come along as we journey through the beautiful British Virgin Islands - one of many destinations you can explore on a chartered sailboat vacation with The Moorings.

From the idyllic cruising grounds of the Caribbean to the enchanting shores of the Mediterranean, the tropic splendor of far east Thailand to the exotic charm of Tahiti, Tonga, and the Indian Ocean’s Seychelles. No matter where your adventure compass points to, secluded beaches, pristine waters, and breathtaking views reign supreme.

With The Moorings’ exclusive menu of over 20 top-rated sailing destinations spanning across the globe, you can create custom passages and one-of-a-kind charter experiences time and again. Come aboard and discover your own piece of paradise, on your private Five-Star vacation platform, in the company of those most cherished. The world is waiting….go capture something extraordinary.

Visit moorings.com to start your journey.

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