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Dawn Riley with crew

Leading By Example

When she was 14 years old, Dawn Riley decided she wanted to race in the America’s Cup. Eleven years later, she was doing just that.

Family aboard during Christmas

Finding Your People

Having the right buddy boat can make the cruising experience even more fun, educational and memorable.

The author in his dinghy in Cat Harbor

Sleepless in Cat Harbor

Noob cruiser David Blake Fischer sounds off on anchoring, low tides, full moons, and keeping your shirt on.

Heritage's 1970 America’s Cup crew

Morgan’s Magic

Charley Morgan, who forged a legendary career in the marine industry, passed away shortly after the new year.

Wave on moving water surface close up in the middle of the screen

Leaving My Comfort Zone

At 78, I decided I wasn’t going to let my age get in the way of making memories of a lifetime with my son.