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Cruising World Roundtable: Exploring Lighting Options with Imtra

Cruising World and the experts at Imtra discuss the many factors to consider when upgrading your sailboat’s lighting.

August 24, 2021

The editors at Cruising World have teamed up with the experts at Imtra to bring you advice on how to keep your boat in Bristol condition and get the most from your hours spent out on the water. For more great tips, see Smoother Sailing with Imtra »

In this special edition of Cruising World Roundtable, we sat down with TJ Orr, Imtra’s light product manager and resident expert. During the live webinar that took place on 8/20, TJ and Mark Pillsbury discussed common questions to ask and things to consider when making the decision to upgrade the lighting onboard your sailboat. They also took live questions from the audience, so if you’ve been considering an upgrade or simply would like to learn more and get inspired – check out the recorded version of our discussion.

Still have questions or want to learn more? Visit the Imtra website , Send them a message , or give them a call at 508.995.7000.