Australia & New Zealand

From the barrier reefs of Australia to the mystic green peaks of New Zealand, charter vacations in Australiasia guarantee a memorable, rare experience for all.

Australia & New Zealand
whale shark

Big Fish, Big Pond

Cruisers team up with Coral Bay Eco Tours, to view and research the gentle giants of the ocean.


Classics Down Under

When it comes to remarkable traditions and history, and a collection of boats second to none, the Australian wooden boat festival in Tasmania can’t be beat.

cap'n fatty

Destination Cocos Islands

Once an Indian Ocean communications hub, Cap’n Fatty finds Direction Island to be an escape from the rest of the world when the Wi-Fi goes down.


Whangamumu or Bust

The Pacific? No problem. It’s the islands-filled bay between here and there that a circumnavigator finds vexing.


Gannet Makes Landfall

The final few miles of a 6,000 mile journey from Darwin, ­Australia, to Durban, South Africa prove to be the biggest challenge of the solo crossing.


Gannet’s Third Act

When the final curtain came down on a solo crossing from Tonga to New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, a happy ending was roundly applauded by all involved.


Tasmania: The Best for Last

A sailing family celebrates the close of four years voyaging in Tasmania with a visit ro a jewel of the Southern Hemisphere.